Zipper 2.0 [Relish Edition]

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Seize Vape Co's original squonk mod redesigned, the Zipper 2.0! Carbon black polished body with a unique fire prevention button, improved designs with three different ergonomic design bodies that sits even better in either hand and still keeping a small size of only 74mm H x 43mm W x 26mm D.

Kit comes complete with:

  • MM510 Connector.
  • Halo ~ 22mm.
  • 2 Buttons ~ Original (fire prevention), Low-pro.
  • Seize V2 510 Nut Spinner Lock.
  • Copper Contacts.
  • Battery sticker and clear wrap.
  • 14mm Nylon Spanner.
  • Designed to take Seize 17.5mm/6ml Bottle (Round)


Every Part of the blackout, from the 510 to packaging has been sourced or made directly in Great Britain.